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Stephanie Giorgenti

Among those Stephanie supports is a severely autistic man with very limited communications skills. She was hired to provide one-on-one support for him. It has not been an easy job, but when Stephanie was considering a move out of state, something didn't let her. Two days before her last scheduled work day she called her supervisor saying that she didn’t want to leave. When asked why she changed her mind, she replied, “I just love my job too much to leave.”

Stephanie has been there ever since.

Since she began supporting this man in his group home, he is now able to say and write his address and phone number, ride the bus to his day program, make his own lunch without any prompts, and he’s currently learning to answer the phone each morning when his bus driver calls to tell him he’s on the way.

They go to movies and he shops for his own clothes. Stephanie taught him how to use an iPad. She helps him make his favorite treat: Jell-O. None of this happened before Stephanie entered his life just two years ago.

“She has infinite patience with my son,” the man’s mother says of Stephanie. “She has a rapport with him that one else has. She cares for him as her own. I don’t know how he would fare if she were not there for him. I don’t think I am ready to find that out any time soon!”

What a great tribute to a great DSP!