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An Update on the Activities of the ANCOR Board of Directors

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An Update on the Activities of the ANCOR Board of Directors

Barbara Merrill, Esq.

Board Discusses DOL Rule Injunction, NO 2017 Dues Increase, New DC Office,

ANCOR International Committee, and We’re Coming to San Diego!

Welcome back to the third edition of the 2016 inaugural Across the Board column – your source for staying up to date with the actions of the ANCOR Board of Directors. While the fall always includes predictable board activities such as budget adoption for the coming year and the CEO performance evaluation process, this year, with unusual legal and political developments, new initiatives and having a newly elected ANCOR president, there is a lot to report this month!

Although the principal agenda of the January ANCOR Government Relations Committee Retreat will be to assess  the impact of the election results on ANCOR’s 2017 advocacy priorities, and the ANCOR board is planning to also discuss those implications during their December teleconference, a special board meeting was convened the day before Thanksgiving in response to the unexpected federal court injunction that halted the December 1st effective date for the DOL Overtime Rule - and implications for ANCORs SOS Campaign. The board was briefed on the agenda for the special 11/26 members-only call, and other ANCOR communications about the development. Noting the Campaign was always designed to be evergreen - thus the tag line “Funding the Future of Disability Services”, board members discussed the future of the rule, and potential ANCOR responses. No votes were taken; but board consensus was that ANCOR’s role was to inform our members of all the relevant facts regarding the injunction, but not instruct members on how they should respond - other than to strongly suggest they seek legal counsel should they opt to change an already announced plan. Staff noted that all ANCOR members have the opportunity to avail themselves ofthree free hours of wage and hour legal assistance from the firm of Gilliland, McGuire and Harper.

And the good news is ….meeting by conference call on November 5th for the purpose of reviewing and acting on the 2017 budget, the board approved a budget that adds significantly more resources to the Government Relations budget without increasing dues for any category of membership. Noting ANCOR’s continued excellent financial performance, driven by strong membership growth and engagement, the board discussed the pros and cons of not including a dues increase, but agreed with staff that given the unusual regulatory pressures on members we could continue to invest toward achieving our strategic goals without increasing dues.

Highlights of the new budget include funding for a DC satellite office to accommodate our government relations needs, a re-established International Committee and $135,000 in ACL grant funding as a sub-contractor of NASUAD (National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities) to build the integrated and managed care business acumen for community based organizations. A huge thank you to ANCOR Finance Committee members ANCOR Treasurer Bob Baker, Angela King, Robert Budd, Dave Toeniskoetter, Jim Weeks, Joe Aniello, Linda Plourde, Shawna Gottlieb, Linda Gluck, Jennifer Saunders, Chris Sparks, Ann Moffitt and Julie Manworren for steering the budget review and adoption process. The Finance Committee also oversees the budgets for the ANCOR Foundation and ANCOR Services Corporation. All budgets were approved. 

Yes  Announcing Our New DC Address! If you weren't aware, ANCOR has long owned an office condominium in Old Town Alexandria. Due to the prescience of my predecessor Renee Pietrangelo, and the board that hired her 18 years ago, our office costs are remarkably low for the DC area. That’s why we will continue to be headquartered in and have most of our staff continue to work at 1101 King Street. Although Old Town is just across the Potomac from DC, it has never been ideal for a busy Government Relations staff constantly on the Hill or meeting with our sister disability organizations in their DC offices. The new space will be used as Esme Grant Grewal’s principal office, with room for Doris Parfaite-Claude, Katherine Berland and other ANCOR staff to use between DC meetings and appointments. We are subleasing it from The Center for Non Profit Advancement – it is a single but fairly roomy office, but it comes with large conference room accessibility and will provide great space to host coalition meetings, Congressional Fly-in ANCOR member briefings sessions, and space for members to use while in town. Plan on stopping by the next time you are in town!

Theres obviously been a lot of shock and awe since the presidential election, but rest assured, the International Committee is not a signal that anyones heading offshore! (Just a bit of humor.) This idea began to germinate during our 3 year strategic planning process, and was endorsed by the Innovation workgroup. Did you know that we have members that provide services in India, Israel, Eastern Europe, the U. K. and Central and South America? We’d like to share why our members undertake this work, what their experiences are, and, importantly, promote the exchange of promising practices from other countries. ANCOR President Angela King has appointed Charlie Hooker, CEO and President of Keystone Human Services, as chair. Esme Grant Grewal, Senior Director of Government Relations, will staff the committee – so you can expect its work will also include an element of international advocacy!

The grant funding from the Administration on Community Living greatly strengthens our ability to assist providers to shape, innovate and transition to the emerging environment of long-term services and supports including health care integration. We are a subcontractor – NASUAD is leading the project. Other subs include NCIL (National Council on Independent Living), NASDDDS (National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services), ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network), and NDRN (National Disability Rights Network).  Building on our record of providing our members with the most up to date information about managed and integrated care trends, this initiative gives us a deeper opportunity to develop the business knowledge you’ll need to not only survive but to prosper in an changing environment. I am especially pleased to share that Kim Opsahl, Esq. will be joining us for this project as a consultant, assisted by Diane McComb.

Save the Date! And last, but not least, the board’s next in-person meeting is in February in San Diego. As we did in Minnesota last July, we will be inviting area members and prospective members to meet with members of the board on February 10th.  We are in process of securing a convenient venue in San Diego – watch for a future announcement confirming the location.


Barbara Merrill is CEO of ANCOR. She can be reached at [email protected].