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An Update on the Activities of the ANCOR Board of Directors

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An Update on the Activities of the ANCOR Board of Directors

Barbara Merrill, Esq.

Speaking on behalf of our staff and Board of Directors, we are still delighted that eleven candidates stepped forward to run for the five open board seats during last month’s board elections! With 36% of the members voting (an increase over the 2014 turnout of 16%), Bill Loyd, Than Johnson,  Julie Manworren, Heidi Mansir, and Linda Plourde were elected to three year terms. Their terms began officially on October 1, 2016. Lynne Megan was elected to Leadership Development Committee.

This election marks the second general election conducted since our bylaws were revised in 2013 – previously all but one board member were elected by ANCOR’s Board of Representatives. This election went smoothly, but as we’ve never had such robust competition, the potential for future issues generated discussion at the September 19th quarterly meeting of the ANCOR board. These issues included appropriate tie-breaking procedures, ensuring the engagement and involvement of unsuccessful candidates, and whether ANCOR’s current one member/one vote structure is appropriate for multi-state or federated organizations. The procedural questions were referred to the Leadership Development Committee, which is now chaired by Chris Sparks, ANCOR Past President. The Board also re-appointed Larry Weishaar to represent the Board of Directors on the Leadership Development Committee.

Other significant topics discussed and actions taken by the board at the September meeting included:

  • After review of ANCOR’s  strong 2016 financial performance, a motion carried to make a contribution to the Private Provider Association Flood Relief Fund. The contribution goes to assist our colleagues in Louisiana coping with the aftermath of the recent catastrophic flood.
  • An update on the SOS Campaign from Mark Davis and Daryn Demerrit, ANCOR’s SOS Campaign co-chairs, and Esme Grant Grewal, ANCOR Senior Director of Government Relations, focused on ensuring the strategic direction of the campaign is consistent with board direction.
  • Review and approval of ANCOR’s Technology position paper.
  • The formation of a workgroup, co-chaired by Dave Toeniskoetter and Bob Baker, to look at how the National Council of Behavioral Health structures membership, and make a recommendation to the full ANCOR board as to whether transition to a similar model would make sense for ANCOR.
  • Review of the draft charter for the Board of Representatives; direction to redraft consistent with other ANCOR committee/body charters.
  • Review and feedback related to a draft ANCOR certification program; next steps include engaging a focus group of ANCOR members with expertise in training needs to inform a final draft, which is to be presented to the board in February.

A summary of board actions taken can be accessed by ANCOR members in the ANCOR Forum Library here.

  • The Board will next meet via teleconference on November 4th, to review and take action on the 2017 budget recommended by the Finance Committee. The next in-person meeting will take place on February 8-9, 2017 in San Diego, CA – plans are already underway to host a meeting for current and prospective members on February 10th. If you are in the area, mark your calendars- we hope to announce the location and time shortly!


Barbara Merrill is CEO of ANCOR. She can be reached at [email protected].