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New Tools for Community and Employment Based Supports

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New Tools for Community and Employment Based Supports

Stephen Flanigan, Assistant Director, Therap Services

With funding sources and state initiatives focused increasingly on community-based supports, less intensive support models, and individual's achieving gainful employment, Therap has shifted its focus to creating new tools for providers to address the needs of their employment and community services. The Community Employment module is one such tool agencies can use to track a range of related supports and documentation, including the following areas of employment:

Job Bank-Employer Database:

Employment Support staff will have the necessary tools to maintain an accurate history of the individual’s work experience and job details. Administrative staff will be able to create, update or delete employers, contact persons and job templates, viewable by support staff with assigned privileges. This ensures that staff are accessing accurate information on a consistent basis, from the point of service.

Employment/Volunteer History:

The Employment and Volunteering History form provides a comprehensive summary of employment services in one place. It details assessments and accomplishments the individual has made throughout their work experience. The attachment feature stores scanned documents in each section, creating a complete record of the individual's ongoing employment history.

From Referral to Plan to Job Milestones:

The other areas of this module can be accessed via the following link:

These components include:

Referrals: Track referral packets and sources for employment services

Assessment: Keep record of pertinent assessments of Community Based Employment supports

Career Development Plan: Document crucial information, outcomes and dates related to employment and the development of the Career Development Plan

Application/Interview: Track applications and interviews along with jobs offered

Job Coaching: Track coaching supports and hours provided.

Employment Milestones: Track key milestones including 15-30-45-60-90-120 days of employment.

Pulling this together are reports to measure progress and pull data from all areas of employment too!

Please access Therap's Community Based Employment Catalog at the following link: