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Peter Mullaney

Peter is a DSP making a difference – a big difference – in lives.  One man he supports presented multiple challenges when Peter first stepped into his life. Here is part of the story of Peter and this gentleman, written by Sara Miner, who nominated Peter:

‘Chris is a completely different man since the day Peter entered his life. Chris had difficulty managing his finances, cooking, and keeping a job. His anger and aggressive behavior were significant and he had several serious brushes with the law. Looking at Chris today, you wouldn’t even know that those things were ever a problem. He [Peter] treated Chris with respect and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Chris independently cooks and cleans for himself. He has obtained his driver’s license and is working full time at a garage working on cars – something he always wanted to do. Most significantly, Chris manages his emotions and has mastered the social skills needed to be safe at home and in the community. In fact, he is doing so well that his team is discussing the possibility of Chris moving out on his own with only periodic supports.” 

Another man he supports had major issues with self-confidence and independence. Today he’s working in a bookstore and has become a chef. He’s much healthier than he was before Peter came along.

Peter is also an advocate for those he supports. He volunteered for the agency’s Autism Champions Group and is a PIA instructor and attends community advocacy meetings. “Peter has never ending hope for the individuals we serve,” says Sara, “and is willing to selflessly give up his free time to make sure his individuals and our staff are well cared for.”