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N. Jasmine Brown

Jasmine has been a DSP for 10 years, only beginning work with The Chimes a year ago. However, that year was enough for the agency and Mark Beatty to nominate her for the state’s DSP of the Year honor. Mark’s nomination is built around the person-centered supports that Jasmine provides; supports that have worked well in the 1:1 settings.

Additionally, she advocated for individualized programming in the Liberty Club West Program, which has resulted in more community outings for everyone. The outings have been more customized to address the preferences of each person served. As Jasmine says, “It’s not just a matter of getting out of the building and going somewhere staff want to go; it’s about taking the time to discover where the persons served wants to go.”

One lady she supports is now shopping for herself and going on Friday lunch dates with her boyfriend. She has dexterity problems, so Jasmine is helping her to make jewelry as gifts. They now have “Tea Time” for talks and frequently invite others to join. She showed her how to plant a garden and care for the plants. The results of all this is that her behaviors have markedly decreased while her socialization skills have increased.

Beatty writes of Jasmine: “She comes to work with the attitude that it’s a new day and a new day means new beginnings.”