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Lisa Weaver

Lisa, a DSP of 25 years, focuses on Person-Centered Supports. Angela Stover, who nominated Lisa for West Virginia’s DSP of the Year, writes ‘Lisa continues to find success with her clients due to her commitment. She does not settle, but she continues to engage and research opportunities that will help the clients.”

Along with her nomination, Angela shared these two powerful testimonials about the type of DSP Lisa is:

“Lisa Weaver is not just a staff at this home. She has a great commitment, is always considerate and thoughtful with everyone. Lisa has been a dream for us and has gone far beyond what she is supposed to do. We don’t feel our son would have succeeded as far without Lisa. She always has placed him in front of herself to assure he succeeded. Her bond and relationship with him makes us feel secure that all his needs are taken care of.”

“Lisa is always professional, but I know she is also personal when it comes to taking care of the clients who live there. I cannot imagine the house having any better advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. She is a true treasure. I know my brother would have many more accolades for Lisa if he could speak. We all love her and I am sure you would hope all of your employees had her compassion and work ethic.”

In addition to her role as a Lead DSP, Lisa has also been the Chairperson for events for Relay for Life, the Special Olympics, and the March of Dimes.