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Julia Schaffner

This Missouri DSP is a Children’s Program Coordinator with 25 years of experience, and the word that families and co-workers use most about her is “respectful.” She is known as an effective role model for her staff, providing both guidance and knowledge. Julia is also flexible, and trusting.

Says Kate Hannon, Program Director for Belle Children’s Services and Julia’s nominator, “For parents of children with a disability. Julia represents an unwavering advocate who identifies resources to help them, and honors their priorities for their child. It takes a compassionate, respectful, and energetic person to provide support to an individual with a disability, and Julia embodies those traits each and every day.”

In these 25 years Julia has touched the lives of hundreds of families with her tireless and calm presence. Julia is responsible for helping families identify and find resources for immediate and future needs, while encouraging them to become their child’s best advocate.

In the early 2000s, Julia became a voice on the dangers of alcohol use during pregnancy. Now, in addition to being the agency’s Children’s Program Coordinator, she serves as the Prevention Program Coordinator. “She has been responsible for getting the message out about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and how to prevent it,” says Hannon. “She is a representative at numerous community events, regional conferences, and health/educational fairs educating the public that no drop of alcohol is safe during pregnancy.”