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Heather Short

Heather has a big job at this ResCare agency. She is Lead Staff for Community-Based Sites and Supported Employment. She also voluntarily participates in the agency’s on-call emergency response program. She has a history of volunteering anywhere, and on a moment’s notice will provide support during emergencies, agency transitions, or other major events.

Every day Heather carries with her a wealth of knowledge accumulated over a 29-year career. She was supporting a woman who was working in the community and was facing losing her job. Heather stepped in, and Laura Connor, who nominated Heather for the DSP of the Year award, shares how: 

“Heather passionately and effectively reminded the business that our role, as an agency, is to habilitate the clients we serve. She listened to the concerns and needs of the business and committed to addressing those concerns with the client. Due to her commitment, the client was able to maintain her position, learn effective ways to communicate, and learn the professional behaviors for the work site. Heather challenges other professionals, family members, and team members to do the same.”

She’s also big on relationships. A woman with severe autism was supported by Heather for a number of years. Though she is not part of her caseload now, Heather still helps out. They spend several hours a week together in the community, shopping, eating, bowling, and going to the zoo. Heather is all about person-centered supports, providing that and more to everyone she serves.