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Edwin Roberts

He is an “exuberant employee” who has shown “impeccable dedication to our organization,” according to Theresa Dunn at Community Alternatives says about her state’s DSP of the Year. Edwin has been a DSP for 12 years and has great relationships with those he supports, the staff, and the guardians. He has been the agency’s Employee of the Month several times.

These words from two parents of people he supports say it all about him:

“First of all, this is truly an honor, as a parent, who has known Edwin for 11 years, to be able to write what I truly appreciate about him and why I strongly feel he should be chosen for this honor. Edwin’s mood or personality never changes, which is a wonderful trait around people with autism. My son prefers to be alone. Edwin can get him out to play basketball, go shopping and interact with people. Only people who have a special heart can work with our very gifted, very wonderful sons or daughters who live with a disability they never asked for. Edwin has a very special, unique heart. Whether he wins this award or not he is already a winner in my son’s world and that means everything to me.”

“He has taught life skills to my son that I never thought he was capable of learning. … Another thing I admire about Edwin is that he is so effective setting boundaries. When my son wants to break those boundaries, Edwin is still encouraging and supportive.”

These observations and responses from the guardians of the people he supports show that Edwin “lives and works by the NADSP Tenet of Integrity and Responsibility,” says Dunn. There isn’t much higher praise for a DSP than these testimonials!