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About the Campaign


To enhance the lives of all people with disabilities who rely on long-term supports and services by obtaining the resources to recruit, train and retain a highly qualified and sustainable workforce.


  • Implement a national policy and solutions to address the workforce shortage and financing issues through the engagement of community service providers, members of the direct support workforce, policy makers at the state and federal level and other stakeholders.
  • Obtain adequate public funding to provide competitive wages, benefits, training and career development for the long-term supports and services workforce.
  • Advance and promote technologies and other innovations that maximize human resources; assuage workforce demands; and allow for efficiencies, enhancements and flexibility in the delivery of supports and services.


Nationwide, there are approximately 1.4 million individuals who require professional support in order to live and work in their own communities rather than an institution. There is a significant deficit in the number of direct support professionals needed to support these individuals.

Through its National Advocacy Campaign, ANCOR supports the professionalization of and provides recognition to the Direct Support Workforce.

The National Advocacy Campaign promotes the professionalization of the Direct Support Professional workforce through partnerships with the Department of Labor, the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals, the University of Minnesota's Research and Training Center for Community Integration, and Relias Learning.

These partnerships provide a framework training and professional development through the DOL Apprenticeship Program, NADSP accreditation and  Relias Learning training programs.

Additionally, ANCOR recognizes the dedication and vital role DSPs play in supporting individuals with disabilities through the annual DSP of the Year Recognition Contest. ANCOR also promotes nationwide appreciation for the DSP workforce during DSP Week by advocating for federal and state proclamations and encouraging providers and communities to honor DSPs during this week.

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