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Raquel Grieser

This DSP of just more than a year is recognized for her adherence to and respect for Tenet 1 of the NADSP Code of Ethics: Person-Centered Supports. Shea Sparks, of ResCare Wyoming, nominated Raquel as the state’s DSP of the Year.

Sparks wrote these words of Raquel’s person-centered supports in her letter of nomination: ‘She pushes each person to be as independent as possible while cheering them on to each goal. Raquel pays close attention and listens to each person, which helps tremendously to learn the likes and dislikes of the individual. With her support, Raquel’s people surpass their goals because of her dedication. She comes to work fully dedicated to those she supports, which has made a lasting impact on them and her co-workers.’

Raquel supports two men full-time and works with others as well. She listens to their issues and concerns, and the people she supports know that she will drop what she is doing to help them work through a problem. ‘The best quality about Raquel is that she does all of this with a smile on her face and a willingness to help,’ writes Sparks, ‘which creates an amazing bond with the people she supports.’

Raquel also uses her artistic talents to help those she supports with their art projects. She finds creative ways to incorporate financial skills into the day’s activities, understanding that financial independence is important for her people. Sparks concludes, ‘As always, Raquel is there, cheering on each person she supports with a smile on her face. She is constantly using her creativity and imagination to brighten up a person’s day.’