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Patricia Hinton

The Mission Statement at Sunrise reads: “To provide people with disabilities the assistance and support necessary to enable them to live valued lives in the community.” According to coworkers and persons she supports, this exemplifies Patricia’s qualities as a DSP.

Patricia’s nomination highlights her person-centered approach to two people she supports. She respects their desires, preferences and has always worked hard to maintain the focus of support through different experiences with them. She provides the individuals with the experiences of making independent choices as best as they can; and for what they can’t do, she is there, with a desire to help and encourage.

Patricia views those she supports as extended family. She shops with them to buy birthday presents for family members, has great rapport with family members and guardians, and she is trusted by all.

Her overall goal as a DSP is to make sure her individuals are treated as other people are treated, and taught how to be as independent as possible. By showing confidence in the persons she supports, she endears a genuine trust. This special bond is shown in the way Patricia advocates and nurtures the relationship, respects individual preferences, and assists them in living productive lives in their home and community.