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ANCOR held a video contest in 2008. More than 30 video entries were received, and 6 winners were chosen among the submissions. Each video ranged in creativity and style, however they all carried a similar compelling message: that DSPs are an invaluable part of our communities and the supports they offer bring tremendous value to the lives of people with disabilities.

For too long the DSP workforce has been underappreciated, and these videos are part of a greater effort to raise awareness of the workforce wage issue and give DSPs the ability to tell their stories in their own words, as only they can.

Become an advocate for DSPs, and help this profession receive the compensation and notice it deserves. Share these videos online with your friends, families and colleagues.

Winners by Category:
Grand Prize | Healthy Living | Self Advocate | Music & Comedy | Reality | Honorable Mention

Category: Grand Prize

Title: "We Put the P in DSP"
By: Ben Leadbetter
Agency: RHD-RI, Pawtucket, RI

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Category: Healthy Living

Title: "Eugene"
By: Eugene Miller
Agency: Teri, Inc., Oceanside, CA

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Category: Self Advocate

Title: "Maroon & Gold"
By: Greg Devorce
Agency: AZ Foundation for the Handicapped, Phoenix, AZ

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Category: Music & Comedy

Title: "Open Your Eyes"
By: Sean Delaney
Agency: Special Needs Programs, Ghent, NY

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Category: Reality

Title: "Hear us out"
By: Chad Ek
Agency: REM ND, Grafton, ND

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Category: Honorable Mention

Title: "Thank You"
By: Andrea McMurray
Agency: Cottonwood, Inc., Lawrence, KS

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Thank you to all that participated in the contest, and special thanks to Therap Services, LLC for their sponsorship.

Congratulations to the winners!