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Melissa Hughes

You know you are hearing about a very special DSP when these phrases are used: “[Melissa] is the most creative and flexible DSP at our agency,” and, “She has a special gift for earning the trust of participants who have come from very bad living conditions, as well as people who have been abused psychologically.” 

This DSP, who is also an In-Home Coordinator, is Melissa Hughes. Linda Dye, R.N., nominated Melissa for this honor. This story from Ms. Dye reveals the genuine care that makes this DSP special:

“She worked informally for a long time with two middle-aged indigent brothers with disabilities who initially were not our clients. Few people in the area knew they existed because of their isolated and rural childhood home. After their parents’ deaths, they were unable to care for themselves, were living in a house that was falling down around them, and had never been exposed to modern plumbing, heating, and appliances. They were fearful of any outsider. Melissa was one of the very few people they trusted. After they received emergency SCL funding, Melissa worked tirelessly and patiently to integrate them into a more typical community setting, as well as get them much needed medical care.”

Melissa respects everyone’s human dignity, Ms. Dye says, because “she has an inherent understanding and optimism for people as they hope and dream for the future. She works smoothly with participants from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and always focuses on their potential.”