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Judy Perry

Ohio’s DSP of the Year makes lasting impressions. Here is what one woman she has supported wrote about this talented DSP:

What Judy Perry means to me:

J  –  Jolly person because she always makes me laugh

U – Understands me and always listens to me.

– Dedicated and knows her job.

Y – Yes!, Whatever you ask her to help you with it’s always a YES!

That tracks what Mary Miles, Chief People Officer at Koinonia Homes, wrote about Judy in her nomination letter. ‘Judy is a DSP who upholds and lives up to the NADSP Code of Ethics and Person-Centered Supports. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her work ethic follows each item in the Code every single day. Judy ensures person-centered supports with all of her individuals.’

Judy schedules and runs all doctor appointments, both routine and emergency. She is excellent at relaying all of the important information to the team and highly advocates for an individual if she sees signs/symptoms that she feels needs immediate medical attention.

Judy is like most all DSPs – she has a soft side. This story is vintage Judy Perry: “One man she used to support was diagnosed with end-stage cancer. Judy visited him and wanted to spend some time with him. He had declined physically and was not eating well. Judy decided that she was not only going to visit him but would prepare him a special meal. Judy used her own resources and time and cooked his favorite Spanish rice and beans. He and Judy are both of Hispanic descent, so he probably did not get these favorite foods very often. Judy said he had a great time with her, smiling, singing, and enjoying the Spanish rice and beans.”