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Four Things You Can Do

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    Sign up to receive alerts

    Sign up to receive updates and alerts when we have new information relevant to the National Advocacy Campaign.

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    Join Our Online Community

    The ANCOR Connected Community (ACC) is a wonderful resource that connects you to other Direct Support Professionals who are passionate about serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There’s a community on the ACC just for DSPs. Share your ideas, success, and problems with each other in a comfortable environment.

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    Take Action

    Take advantage of the ANCOR Action Center. Enter your zip code to receive the contact information for your U.S. Senators and your Representative. Email, call, or even better yet visit them to tell them your story!

    Many elected officials are unaware of the issues that affect the workforce. Take the time to explain the facts to them. Remember to include a personal story. Personal stories create the passion and motivation that help things get accomplished.

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    ANCOR’S National Advocacy Campaign (NAC) is broadening its reach every day, but it is a grassroots movement with limited resources. Please contribute today to help the NAC give the direct support workforce a national voice while building grassroots support for the workforce. Join with those who have pledged to make a difference for DSPs by supporting efforts for a livable wage.

    Make a donation.

    Contributions are made through the ANCOR Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. None of your contribution will be used for direct lobbying expenses. Therefore, 100% of the amount given should qualify for tax deduction as a business expense. As always please consult your tax advisor for up to date tax regulations.