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Eva Kiriga

Eva’s work and support with a woman is the basis for her being selected as New Hampshire’s top DSP. At the agency, this woman is known for turning left when you ask her to turn right, for not following directions, and being very difficult. She also is very active at work, which means her staff support person must be “on” at all times – Eva is always “on”. 

She is with this woman five days a week, six hours a day. In addition to work, she now has the woman swimming, shopping, cooking, and working. “There’s a noticeable calmness with her when she’s working with Eva,” said Danielle Fuller, Eva’s nominator, “[which] demonstrates the trusting relationship they have.”

Eva is described as a DSP who is calm and in control at all times, never showing frustration. Though her approach is laid back, those at the agency tout her work ethic and genuine passion for the job. 

In addition to her DSP work, Eva is working on a degree in Psychology and recently became a Home Care Provider. Danielle notes that with the characteristics Eva portrays daily and the knowledge she’s working to obtain, “She is the future of our service delivery.”