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Debbie Dillard

Debbie, a DSP for only four years, was nominated by Jeffrey Couture, her agency’s Director of Client Services. “Individualizing supports is one of Debbie's skill sets,” says Couture. “Due to the high staff turnover rate in the Supported Living Industry in Washington State, Debbie has been very busy training and retraining the site’s staff team. For the past several months Debbie has maintained flexibility in her schedule based upon client and agency needs.”

In her community Debbie supports three housemates living in a three-bedroom home. The man of the house is a Native American and she makes sure he is able to attend tribal events throughout the year. She also advocated for the purchase and installation of soundproof walls in his room to accommodate his loud singing and music without fear of complaints from his neighbors. 

A woman in the house is deaf and engages in a lot of self-injury and assaultive behaviors at home and in the community. Debbie works hard to minimize these problems. The other woman is wheelchair bound and requires a highly trained staff to transfer her. She has made sure that the woman’s mother, physical therapist and other staff members are properly trained to ensure the woman’s comfort and safety. 

“Despite the revolving door of staff, Debbie has always maintained a positive attitude and a strong work ethic,” notes Couture, “and her positive attitude has rubbed off on her coworkers and the housemates she supports.”