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Danny Lynch

Much of Danny’s life as a Residential Home Adviser revolves around a man with autism he has effectively supported for many years. Danny was able to quickly form a personal relationship with this man, who has thrived ever since.

Danny is a creative DSP, helping with and supporting the man’s artistic abilities. He now creates his own gifts for his family members. 

The man’s sister submitted a few comments for Danny’s nomination:

“My brother’s health, behavior, and daily routine are stable due to the structure and program that Danny has helped create and maintain.”

“It is important for him to be in a calm, simple, structured environment which is what Danny has created for him.”

“Danny is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has specialty training in Autism and knows my brother inside and out. Danny understands all of my brother’s areas of need and assures all areas are met with the level of supports required in order for my brother to achieve success in his independent living goals.”

Danny’s letter of nomination sums up this Arkansas DSP perfectly: “He [Danny] communicates kindness and respect, being a model for others… He is patient, and recognizes that the individual he supports is his own expert in determining his choices.”