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Cody Vandrimmelen

A DSP for 26 years, Cody has been supporting clients of Danville Services in Provo for six of those 26 years. John Stevens, Director of Residential Services, nominated Cody as Utah’s DSP of the Year. Cody’s role at Danville is a challenging one, to say the least.

Stevens wrote this about her approach to supports: ‘Due to Cody’s extraordinary ability to be patient, loving, kind, and to listen for the needs and wants being expressed by the people she serves, she has been asked to lead a group of people who face some of life's most profound and difficult challenges.’

One wheelchair-bound man she supported had no ramp at his home. Cody managed to have a ramp donated and then talked with the local fire chief to pick up the ramp and have it installed. It greatly improved his life, and made things safer for his family, his support staff, and him. 

‘My son was born with severe brain abnormalities and was not expected to live. But he fought on with constant smiles and belly laughs. He had severe cerebral palsy, cortical blindness, wheelchair bound, seizures, rods all the way up his spine,’ writes the mother of a young boy Cody began supporting when he was 5 years. ‘Cody loved him and was so good with him during the day. ... She was the only one he trusted. She could tell how he was doing just by little changes in his eyebrows or how happy he is that day. … Cody was my son’s caregiver for 10 years and one of the best special needs caregivers out there.’